Please call 540-972-8810 to schedule


Some things to be aware of: 

By appointment only-no walk ins

Due to current occupancy restrictions, only the client being serviced may enter

Please call upon arrival, we will let you know when you may come in

You must wear a mask to enter

We are only taking appointments for local clients. If you have not been seen by us within the last year, we may require a deposit as we have already seen last minute cancelation from 'non active' clients

Please be considerate of your stylists, due to current restrictions, they are only able to see 1/2 of the clients and working long hours in masks that are hot and uncomfortable. 

Ensure the service you book for is correct, there will be no changes 24 hours before appointment. What you book for is what you will be charged for

New  Spa Clients 

$10 off any

One Hour Facial

New Color Clients

New  Spa Clients 

$10 off any One Hour Facial